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Naturally with Soukya essential oils

Calm your mind | Pamper your body  Brighten your soul

Our story

"Soukya" the Sanskrit word meaning good health and wellness. Soukya a brand draws inspiration from Lotus flower which is a representation of purity, enlightenment, compassion, prosperity, wellness and eternal beauty. Soukya founded in 2013 by a group of aromatherapists on the mission of sharing highest quality essential oils and carrier oils to you. We are well recognized brand in wholesale and retail business of essential oils. We source authentic essential oils and carrier oils directly from distillers and pack after strict testing parameters.


Aromatherapy (Gandha Chikitsa) is a very ancient practice to achieve holistic wellness. Pure and natural essential oils activates self-healing ability of the body, mind and spirit when inhaled or applied tropically on skin and hair.


When essential oils are inhaled, aroma molecules are sensed by olfactory and limbic part of the brain and instantly activates self-healing ability by regulating necessary hormone secretions.

Very tiny molecules of essential oils are absorbed to skin layers and blood stream when applied tropically, accelerates inter-cellular and intra-cellular communication and activates self-healing ability. 

100% pure and natural essential oils for hair care, skin care, mind and sprit

Floral, woody, citrus, spice and everything nice

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Treat yourself to the luxury of nature

All orders above 

Rs. 1499/- or more

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